With 10+ years of both full-time development and design experience and a passion for creating products and tools that exceed client hopes and expectations, my hope is to find a team with a similar drive to help propel me forward in both my technical skills and my understanding of new and creative ways of problem solving with others.

Technical Expertise


Javascript Typescript PHP Python SQL HTML CSS


Craft CMS SvelteKit Vue React Laravel Wordpress Django (Wagtail)


Git Vite TailwindCSS Webpack Gulp PostCSS jQuery SCSS LESS


Figma Affinity Suite Sketch Adobe Creative Suite


Github Bitbucket NPM Laravel Forge Fortrabbit DigitalOcean AWS OpenAI DeepL ImgIX Sendgrid Mapbox Mailchimp Constant Contact


Zed Sublime Text Warp iTerm Asana Notion Dropbox Google Workspace Slack


Web Accessibility Standards Semantic HTML GDPR HIPAA SAML


Touchless Menu

Co-owner, Developer / 2021-present

    Mostly Serious

    Developer / 2020-2021 • Senior Developer / 2021-present

    • Build complex technical solutions as needed to support project objectives within determined budgets.
    • Ensure expertise on department's preferred content management systems, frameworks, and tools.
    • Stay up-to-date on industry trends and sharing those practices with relevant members of the team.
    • Seek and implement opportunities to automate common development practices.
    • Collaborate with the Design team to ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs.
    • Implement visual design into front-end and responsive/mobile-first elements of projects.
    • Mentoring and/or assisting in the development of other members of Development team.

    Lucent Digital

    Web Developer / 2013-2020

    • Develop websites in a timely manner that also offer the best possible experience to the client.
    • Research and implement the most appropriate tools for respective projects.
    • Work closely with designers to deliver the best client experience with technical and budgetary limitations in mind.
    • Coordinate the deployment and migration of live sites with clients and IT.
    • Develop and maintain in-house tools to streamline project bootstrapping and development.
    • Manage time between projects to meet deadlines and maintain a positive relationship with clients.
    • Work extensively in PHP, Javascript, HTML, and CSS using frameworks/tools such as Wordpress, Webpack, Laravel, Vue, Svelte, Bootstrap, Git, and others as well as developing custom solutions to most appropriately meet clients needs.

    Department of Social Services

    Community Mentor / 2011-2013

    • Monitor and assist youth re-integrate into their lives after being released from state rehabilitation facilities.
    • Coordinate with families and the state times for follow up appointments and court ordered meetings for youth.
    • Provide support and guidance for youth as they establish healthy coping mechanisms after re-integrating into potentially unhealthy environments.

    The Radiance Effect

    Road Manager / 2008-2011

    • Manage inventory, ordering, and sale of merchandise.
    • Help develop and implement new designs and marketing strategies for merchandise and online presence.

    Non-Vocational Background

    Shadow Scape Records

    Camera Operator / 2019-present

    Freshwater Church

    Production Director / 2014-2020 Pastor / 2016-2018


    University of Arkansas

    Electrical Engineering / 2007-2008

    Other Skills

    • Years of practical design experience emphasizing UI and UX.
    • Very comfortable with public speaking and presenting to large groups.
    • Extensive experience with live audio engineering.
    • Solid technical understanding of camera operations, both video and photography.
    • A love for all things cooking, coffee, cocktails, and (generally speaking) culinary. 😁
    Made in USA Est. 1988